As conversations swirl about mobile commerce (mCommerce) and e-wallets becoming the standard form of consumer payment in the future, merchants need to meet today's demands for mobile credit card processing and position themselves for what tomorrow may hold.

More and more merchants are discovering the financial benefit of having the capability to accept credit cards through a Smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. The flexibility of accepting remote payments seamlessly and securely through a portable device allows your sales efforts to extend far beyond your traditional retail store, whether that be a physical space or on the Internet.

Through MerchantsXL, we can provide your business with a free virtual point-of-sale payment application for your devices that has the capability to work seamlessly with your retail account. Merchants are enabled to conveniently process real-time credit card transactions on the road from any location connected to a Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G, or 4G network. The free application is available to all merchant customers and there are no expenses associated with a wireless terminal and no gateway or cellular access fees.