Virtual Terminal

MerchantsXL provides a free Virtual Terminal, which is a web-based point of sale solution that replaces the need for a credit card terminal.

The Virtual Terminal enables merchants to process debit and credit cards and manage their account through an internet connection. The gateway contains extensive reporting features with the capability to re-charge previously processed cards for up to two years. The gateway also supports batch processing and multiple user login access for a single account for enhanced account and user management.

Some of the features and benefits of a Virtual Terminal:

  • Virtual Terminal to process transactions
  • Transaction search/review. Search by numerous criteria (amount, card number, card holder, auth code, transaction type, etc... or search by date range)
  • Current Batch details/overview
  • Manual or Auto-batch options
  • Batch upload
  • Master user that can create/manage users and restrict their access
  • Support/Sales contact links (email)
  • Supports AVS, Invoice Number, CVV2, and displays each of the results
  • Tip Amount / Tax Amount options