Retail Accounts

Retail businesses must work toward accepting all kinds of payments from their customers. Providing a wide range of payment options can increase your sales, customer loyalty, and ultimately affect the success and revenue of your business. If you "swipe" more than 70% of your transactions, your account will be classified as a Retail Merchant Account. MerchantsXL provides your retail storefront with processing solutions to accommodate all of your needs to allow your business to prosper.

Whether you currently own a credit card machine or need to purchase one, we can assist you in getting setup for a merchant account for your business. 99% of the time, if you own your own credit card machine, we can reprogram it so that you do not have to purchase a new one. The only factor that decides whether or not we can reprogram you current machine is if it is PCI Compliant to accept all the major credit card brands.

A retail merchant account has a lower discount rate because transactions take place face-to-face where the card is actually swiped. Because of this there is less fraud involved than non-swiped transactions. Due to less risk to the credit card processor, they pass this on to the merchant in the form of lower rates than if your business were to have a merchant account where the card is not swiped.