No Contracts

MerchantsXL is built on the philosophy that if our clients aren't completely satisfied, then we will not obligate them to stay with us through a long term contact. MerchantsXL is headlining the merchant services industry by offering all of our merchant account with No Contracts what-so-ever.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition through many different avenues, but our main point of emphasis is having no long term commitments to remain one of our clients. The majority of credit card processing companies will promise you savings, promise you amazing service, and promise you everything else you want to hear...just as long as you sign this 3-5 year contract agreement. That example is exactly why the merchant services industry has such a bad reputation. Which is exactly why when we sit down with you to go over your merchant account and discuss everything we can provide to you and your business, you can be assured that it is the truth because you can leave any time you choose. However, after being in business since early 2010, we now service over 500 clients spread across nearly every industry, and in that time period we have only lost 6 clients.

At MerchantsXL, it's very simple...we do things the right way to keep your business with us for the long haul. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have you and your business as your client and we show you that by continuously exceeding your expectations of us as your merchant services provider.

In addition to having no contracts, here are some additional benefits for our clients that choose to open a merchant account through MerchantsXL:

  • No Application Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Early Cancellation Fees
  • No Contract Term
  • No American Express Setup Fee
  • No Discover Setup Fee
  • No Charge for Superior 24/7 Customer Support

Our business success depends on your long-term satisfaction. Through our history in setting up merchant accounts and processing credit cards, we continue to remain committed to unequal quality and superior client satisfaction.